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Equipment for Rent/Hire - Full list of our equipment for rent / hire

Rent/Hire Australia-wide - We supply products for rent / hire all across Australia
Our Service Guarantee - Our Service Guarantee to our Clients
Testimonials - What some of our clients say about us and our products & service
Pricing Policy - There are no hidden charges - explains whats included in our hire agreements
Terms & Conditions - Terms & Conditions of a Rent / Hire Agreement
Frequently Asked Q's - Some Questions other Clients have posed & the Answers
For Party Hire - We supply equipment for Party Hire all around Australia
For Conferences & Events Hire & Rental - We can rent or hire chairs, desks, tables, partitions, av-equipment and so on for Conferences or Events. We can also deliver, set-up and remove furniiture and equipment if needed!
For Function Centres - Information for those who run Function Centres including downloadable files of our equipment & furniture to show clients
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Our Staff - Staff Profiles
About the Company - Company History & Background
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If you need clarification of the information provided on this website, please feel free to call us (on 0418 574 767 or in Victoria on (03) 8420 7777), email us or use our Inquiry/Booking Form to make an inquiry. We will endeavour to respond to your email or Inquiry Form submission within 24 business hours.

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