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Rent or Hire the ideal PA systems, sound systems or audio equipment for your conference.

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Our experience helping our clients set up and run seminars has taught us that the key to success with small to medium PA equipment, audio equipment or sound systems is to keep it simple. We offer complete portable PA systems with competent people to set it up for you.

We can offer...

  • Lapel microphones (Unique frequency to Base unit)
  • Cordless remote microphones
  • Gooseneck microphones (For Lectern use)
  • Hand held corded microphone
  • PA Amplifier (PA Amp) with 3 channels & individual volume controls, incorporating cassette deck and CD player
  • Free standing speakers to complete the system
  • Karaoke Microphone incorporating on screen word display & 300 songs

Chiayo Challenger Portable PA System

The Challenger (basic unit) is a 75 Watt RMS portable PA system with a built in rechargeable battery. It is lightweight and has a good looking aluminium extrusion chassis, built in trolley, handle and wheels for easy transportation, voice priority, audio link, smart charge circuit, 3-way speaker system etc.

The Challenger 1000 series sound system is a multi-function, multi-purpose, all-in-one compact and powerful portable sound system. It comes as a basic unit as shown here (with a hand-held corded microphone only) but various optional extras can be added to it such as a CD player Digital Recorder Player / additional wireless microphones (Hand-held, Lapel, Headworn).

The audio equipment speaker system consists of a 10" full range speaker with a high frequency tweeter.

This unit is powered by a switch mode 90-260V AC power supply and two heavy duty, maintenance-free lead-acid rechargeble batteries. The whole system can be operated on either AC or on the in-built batteries.

Click on the link for more information and/or to hire the CHIAYO © Challenger PA System online.

Challenger PA System Challenger PA System (1752 KB)

Chiayo Dynasty Portable PA System

The Dynasty sound system is the familiar format portable PA system that has proved ever reliable for many years. This extensive range of UHF wireless Portable PA's feature an XLR mic input, overall master volume control, optional CD player or cassette deck with pitch control, removable trolley and handle, built in internal power transformer and they are capable of connecting up to two switched extension speakers for even greater coverage.

Chiayo Dynasty Portable PA System Features:

  • Modular concept = total versatility
  • Up to 2 UHF receiver modules
  • Cassette recorder or CD player (optional)
  • Pitch control function for cassette
  • Master volume control
  • Neutrik XLR/Phone combo jack
  • Two built in rechargeable batteries
  • Built in charging circuitry
  • Detachable trolley
  • Extension speaker (WA-518) available
  • Tripod stand available, ST50 (optional)

>Click on the link for more information and/or to hire the CHIAYO © Dynasty PA System online.

Dynasty PA Systems Dynasty PA Systems (1599 KB)

Tripod Speaker Stands

Tripod Speaker Stands are perfect for PA speakers weighing less than 25kgs. Raising your PA speakers above the floor improves clarity. The stands are made of lightweight and sturdy steel construction and include a standard size adapter that fits most speakers.

Click on the link for more information and/or to hire the TRIPOD STANDS

Sports Pack Speaker includes Stand

Click here to view the Hire details for Sports Packs.

Cordless Microphones - requires a compatible PA system with UHF receiver(s) to operate

Our wide range of hire microphones utilises the latest professional units available. We only use the best brands to ensure that your next event is something to remember for all the right reasons.

Hire a wireless microphone or a cabled microphone based on your events individual requirements. We offer either hand held, lapel or headset. If in doubt ask please contact us.

Click on the link for more information and/or to hire the Cordless Microphones online.

Product Model Term Rate Delivery & Collection
Plus install Where Necessary
CHIAYO © Challenger PA System
with 2 Speakers
75 Watts
Daily $260.00 $25.00
Weekly $399.00 $25.00
Monthly $544.00 $25.00
CHIAYO © Dynasty PA System
with 2 Speakers
50 Watts
Daily $220.00 $25.00
Weekly $375.00 $25.00
Monthly $520.00 $25.00
JEIL ©Rack Mount PA System
Up to 3 Mikes /Siren Doorbell
With 2 or 4 Upright speakers
Daily $195.00 $45.00
Weekly $399.00 $45.00
Monthly $544.00 $45.00
Tripod Speaker Stand Daily $10.00 $10.00
Weekly $65.00 $10.00
Monthly $199.00 $10.00
Cordless Microphones
Handheld, Lapel or Headset
Daily $75.00 $25.00
Weekly $195.00 $25.00
Monthly $340.00 $25.00

Click on "Tripod" to view the Tripod Speaker Stand hire webpage.
Click on "Cordless Microphones" to view the Cordless Microphones hire webpage.

Note: Our hire PA systems prices are subject to change without notice.

We supply Australia Wide

Whilst we are based in Melbourne we do supply our PA, audio and sound systems to clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart & Darwin and all towns and cities in between. So, no matter your location, we can help with sound & audio equipment hire!

To make an inquiry regarding our PA Equipment for rent / hire, please feel free to contact us either by telephone (on 0418 574 767 or in Victoria on (03) 8420 7788), email or by using our Inquiry/Booking Form. We will endeavour to respond to your email or Inquiry Form submission within 24 business hours.

As our available products change regularly, it is not possible for us to list all PA Equipment we have for rent/hire on this site. If you cannot find the PA systems you are looking to rent or hire here, please feel free to call us (on 0418 574 767 or in Victoria on (03) 8420 7788), email us or use our Inquiry/Booking Form to make an inquiry. We will endeavour to respond to your inquiry within 24 business hours.

Want to Purchase PA Equipment? We sell PA Equipment

We also sell PA systems. Please feel free to call us (on 0418 574 767 or in Victoria on (03) 8420 7788), email us or use our Inquiry Form to make a purchase inquiry. We will endeavour to respond to your inquiry within 24 business hours.

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