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Our Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions: Equipment Hire & Sales


  • All equipment hired from Absolute Office Centre Office National, goes out to the client to the best of our ability , in correct working condition
  • Responsibility for insurance & total care of hire equipment is the responsibility of the client hiring the equipment
  • Any hire goods, either not returned, or not made available for collection , at the conclusion of the hire, shall be compensated back to the hiree (Absolute Office Centre) at full retail value of the equipment not returned, within 7 days of the official conclusion of the original hire.
  • Any damage sustained upon the goods, during the time that such goods are on hire shall be compensated back to the hiree Absolute Office Centre within 7 days of the goods being due back from hire.
  • Absolute Office Centre reserves the right to test, hire equipment upon its return & may take up to 3 days following conclusion of a hire to demand that compensation be paid by the hirer if we find that goods have been returned faulty, due to mistreatment by the hirer.


  • Goods in general will be delivered within 24 hours of an order being received by our office.
  • We guarantee our goods (via our suppliers warranties) & will immediately replace faulty or sub standard goods
  • All orders are double checked by our store personnel
  • Deliveries are categorised for delivery in order of receipt, & with the exception of abnormally urgent requests, will be delivered in line with our turnaround guarantee of 24 working hours from order.
  • Any returns or requests for credit must be notified to our staff within 24hours of goods being delivered or credit / replacement will not be considered.


  • We assure (without exception) all customers of our prompt & courteous attention at all times. We value our clients whether small or large businesses & attempt to offer the same high level of service to all our customers.
  • Orders may be Faxed, Emailed, Ordered via on line Web site, or phoned through to our office,
  • Our Staff are all trained on the products we supply & are able to offer in most cases, alternative products, where requirements for alternatives are necessary. We pride ourselves on knowing what is in the box, not just where the box is.

If you need assistance with renting or hiring for your conference, event or party, please feel free to call us (on 0418 574 767 or in Victoria on (03) 8420 7788), email us or use our Inquiry/Booking Form to make an inquiry. We will endeavour to respond to your email or Inquiry Form submission within 24 business hours.

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