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Hire Projector Screen - Projection Screen Rental

Hire Projection Screens / Hire Projector Screens Australia

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Portable tripod Projection Screens or Projector Screens are available in 1800mm (6 foot) & 2400mm (8 foot) versions. Our portable projector screens are perfect for use in meeting rooms, at conferences or even at home as a backdrop for your projections. It can be used for business presentations, home entertainment such as home theatre or home cinema and even for overhead transparencies. It is a self standing portable screen so you don't have to worry about mounting anything to the wall.

Professional Projector Screen

Absolute Office Centre, now offers a full professional 12' x19' ( 3840mm x 2870mm ) Projection screen. This screen can be installed at varying heights up to 4.5 Meters; or as low as 3 meters (To the top of the screen)

The Fastfold screen shown in this image is fully installed with complete skirting at base top & sides, providing a fully professional presentation for your audience.

This screen can be installed with a front or rear projection surface, & Absolute Office Centre can offer the full package of projectors (front & rear) Plus the complete speaker solution to give your conference that professional edge. Available for one day, One week or One Month.

With our projector screens you dont have to worry about locating the whole presentation in a particular place in the venue to take advantage of the available light conditions or whitest, largest wall available. You can place them anywhere in the room.

Our Projector Screens are solid, heavy duty & easy to erect.

Hire Rates

Projector Screens for Hire - Product Model Term Rate Delivery & Collection
Plus install Where Necessary
Tripod Projector Screen
1800 x 1800 mm (6 Foot)
Daily $75.00 $25.00
Weekly $195.00 $25.00
Monthly $340.00 $25.00
Tripod Projector Screen
2400x 2400mm (8 Foot)
Daily $125.00 $25.00
Weekly $220.00 $25.00
Monthly $395.00 $25.00
Full Professional Projector Screen
3840 x 2870 mm (12 x 9 Foot)
Heavy Duty Carpeted
Daily $450.00 $250.00
Weekly $1100.00

Note: Prices are Subject to Change without Notice.

Can I use a plain wall instead of a projector screen?

Some customers opt to project their image onto a plain wall or white sheet instead of hiring a professional projector screen. Using a wall will still get you an image but the image quality will never be as good as when a good quality projection screen is used. Painted walls, even if painted white, will not match the colour reproduction, brightness, and overall image quality of a good quality projector screen.

To get the best performance out of your projector, we always recommend the use of a screen as these projection screens are made out of specially designed materials, that maximise the image quality and brightness.

Projection Screen Hire Inquiries?

To make an inquiry regarding our hire Projection Screens, please feel free to contact us either by telephone (on 0418 574 767 or in Victoria on (03) 8420 7777), email or by using our Inquiry/Booking Form. We will endeavour to respond to your email or Inquiry Form regarding Projector Screen hire within 24 business hours.

As our available products change regularly, it is not possible for us to list every Projector Screen we have for rent or hire on this site. If you cannot find the Projector Screen you are looking to rent or hire here, please feel free to call us (on 0418 574 767 or in Victoria on (03) 8420 7777), email us or use our Inquiry/Booking Form to make an enquiry. We will endeavour to respond to your inquiry within 24 business hours.

Want to Purchase?

We also sell Projector Screens. Please feel free to call us (on 0418 574 767 or in Victoria on (03) 8420 7777), email us or use our Inquiry Form to make a purchase inquiry. We will endeavour to respond to your inquiry within 24 business hours.

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